How to Force Delete a File That Cannot Be Deleted Windows 10

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Another issue with using .REG files is that they tend to be best suited for one-off situations. For example, an administrator might use a .REG file to add a collection of registry settings to a non-domain joined PC.

  • Microsoft recommends keeping cloud protection turned on because certain security features and capabilities in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint only work when cloud protection is enabled.
  • Paste the appraiserres.dll file in this location and click on ‘Replace the file in the destination’ when prompted.
  • The WOW64 component automatically creates the Redirection subnodes in the registry tree.
  • It doesn’t store any information itself but instead acts as a pointer, or a shortcut, to a registry key that keeps the information about the hardware profile currently being used.

Click the „All files and folders” link in the Search window, and type the name of the .dll file you want to delete into the empty field. To delete unwanted or corrupt .dll files, you will need to find them by making hidden files visible, unregister them through the command prompt, and then delete them manually from their source folder. It is very important that you know that the file is not a required Windows system file. Removing DLLs that your computer relies on can render your PC unbootable, so don’t delete a file unless you know exactly what it is and why you don’t want it on your PC.

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Even though Microsoft owns it, Process Explorer is not installed in Windows by default libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll, so you need to get it from Microsoft’s website. If you’ve ever tried to delete a file and received a message that says the file is in use, you’re not alone. Windows can be very particular about which files it allows users to delete for various reasons, but one of the most common is Windows claiming that the file is in use by some program or process. This article will go over some steps you can take to delete the file and some potential workarounds if those steps don’t work.

  • These are HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, HKEY_USERS, HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG. Within the hives, there are branches of keys and subkeys used to organize the information.
  • The order of precedence for environmental variables is the order in which these options are listed, that is the command line then.Renviron then the inherited environment.
  • A registry hive is crucial in digital forensics as it can limit the investigation’s scope on a system.

I just find that Windows Defender can’t detect Trojan horse while paid Avast /Norton removed it when I connect the defected USB with my w10 / w7 system resp. Double-click the newly created key and set the value from 0 to 1. Right-click on the Real-Time Protection key, selectNew, and click onDWORD (32-bit) Value.

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Dont listen any noobs who gave u advice to install any useless programs. For future reference the free utility ‘Unlocker’ is excellent at deleting locked files. It is one of the first utilities I install on all my PC’s. „Cannot delete RarExt.dll. This file is being used by windows.” EaseUS data recovery experts have uneaqualed expertise to repair disks/systems and salvage data from all devices like RAID, HDD, SSD, USB, etc.

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